Monday, February 27, 2012

A beautiful day blooming with crocuses

Can you believe it is February and we are having such amazing weather? I already have flowers popping through the ground!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little bit of faith

The past couple weeks have been hard. The past couple of months have been hard! And as the days loom before me I wonder how I am going to get through.

For several months my husband has had a cough. It started out small, something you would not think twice about. Recently, though, the cough has increased exponentially, and he began to feel pressure in his chest partnered with extreme fatigue. So of course we made an appointment to see the doctor.

First, they said it was sinus, then allergies, even though we protested that those were probably not accurate diagnoses. We convinced them to reluctantly send us to a specialist ear, nose, throat doctor after a couple weeks on sinus and allergy medicine had no effect on Adam's health. We called to make the appointment only to find they were scheduling a month out. A MONTH! Thank God the month has almost passed and the appointment we scheduled is coming up next Tuesday.

However, this past weekend, Adam really started to feel bad. So bad that we felt we needed to go to the emergency room (which had been a suggestion of our doctors office). We arrived, got checked in, only to be repeatedly asked by every nurse who saw us, "Why exactly did you decide to visit the ER today?" I mean, it was like we were uninvited guests at a party!

We got back to the exam room after having Adam's vitals checked. By this time, evidenced by the attitudes of our attendants we pretty much knew our trip was quickly spiraling into the abyss of wasted money and effort. Our final nurse came in, asked again for his symptoms, and then started to prepare us for the fact that nothing could be done for my husband.

I became very upset! I demanded to know how they could not help someone who was experiencing problems swallowing, pressured breathing, and who looked like they could pass out at any second? She explained that the ER was for life threatening emergencies only, and since he could eat, drink, and sleep we would need to wait for our specialist appointment for answers. I protested more, but could see there would be no swaying the situation.

The nurse left to get the nurse practitioner who would need to "officially" tell us to hit the road and charge us another hundred dollars to do so. I cried at the injustice of it - I mean how ironic to seek help from a place that could scope his throat, x-ray his neck, or run a blood test in moments but be turned away because you are not yet sprawled upon death's door.

The nurse practitioner arrived, and although sympathetic told us the same story while she again checked Adam's vitals. She wrote him a couple prescriptions to get us through the next several days and sent us on our way.

We somehow made it through the weekend and now have one more weekend to go, but it seems like an eternity away. Adams lethargy has increased, his throat is swollen, and we are worried more than ever that it could be something serious.

However, I had an unexpected surprise a couple days ago that was something straight out of a sitcom. Maybe it was God's way of saying, 'Don't take life so seriously'.

I sat down at my weekly mom's group meeting when right beside me sat the last nurse from the ER that I had gotten upset with. No joke. It's a pretty large group, and I obviously do not know every lady there so imagine my shock when I came face to face with a woman who had definitely received a piece of my mind. I was immediately embarrassed, and hoped she would not recognize me (which appeared to be the case).

But when I thought about it, I questioned, 'Why the hect am I embarrassed?' I stood up for my husband's well being, and while I am sure she did not single us out (and admittedly was very polite throughout the ordeal) it seems like the hospital as a whole should change their policy on treating all patients who they admit into their facility. Especially if they complain about issues breathing or swallowing!

Maybe I should have come clean, but I have been stressed enough lately so I left it alone and tried to enjoy the rest of the meeting.

I have since put my husband on several prayer chains (including one for the mom's group), prayed with him with a couple of Pastors, and took him to a natural healer to see if we could make the next few days a little more comfortable because the medicine from the ER was not helping him like we had hoped.

If you could keep Adam in your prayers, it would mean a lot to us. We have been praying for him as a family every night. Pray it is nothing serious, and that we will have strength to get through this trial. Prayer is so important, and our family has been neglectful of it until recently. Trials like this can bring you closer to God and those around you if you allow it, and I hope that this is a lesson we can take from the situation before us and apply it in all of our lives as a family for years to come.