Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Raising Kids and Persimmons

Two years ago, my husband Adam, our son Lincoln, and myself moved from a small house in town to a large farmhouse in the country closer to where we grew up and to our parents who both still lived in the area.  It had a beautiful old persimmon tree in the front yard, just like the one I used to climb growing up.  The house needed a lot of work being not quite a hundred years old, but we knew we were just the people to do it.  Oh, we had visions! Visions of jumping right in to the renovations, of converting the out buildings into amazing workshops, of  starting a greenhouse and raising small farm animals - but then life happened.  I got pregnant with baby two, the mortgage bill started showing up right on time the middle of every month, and Adam's business picked up keeping him away from home six days a week, twelve hours a day.  Needless to say, we do not have very much done at this point!  And unfortunately we do not even have the persimmon tree anymore.  It blew over in a storm six months after we moved here.  So much for romantic notions!  Don't worry, we planted a couple more that are thriving and I hope to share with you some persimmon recipes at some point in the future because they are out of this world. 

Sometimes, all of this craziness is overwhelming.  Two rooms, complete with bathrooms, are completely gutted and unusable.  My husband's business is a source of constant clutter sneakily creeping into our garage and house.  And the kids who are almost three and one are by nature human tornadoes.  Now throw all of that at an organized, obsessive control freak, which I am, and you could have an immediate cardiac arrest on your hands without the power of prayer being used on a daily basis.  

I have had to adjust, and it has been for the better really.  But when I do get frustrated at living in home that is always "Construction in Progress" I have to remind myself this is the life we wanted!  And it is a darn good one.  Maybe we do not have it all right now when so many people do.  But we have enough, and truly it is more than enough!  The most important aspect of our lives is that we have a beautiful budding family which is such a blessing and is definitely more than just "enough" - it is everything. 

Anyways, I decided to start this blog to share with you our stories of living in constant state of disarray.  I hope you enjoy it, and I so appreciate you taking some of your precious time to spend it with me.