Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Zaidey

On February 1st, 2014 we welcomed a new addition into our family. Zaidey has been a sweetheart and is getting lots of love from her brother and sister!

Avatar paint

Lincoln watched the movie Avatar the other day, and he is now obsessed. To impress his daddy, he painted himself blue and waited for Adam to come home. When he fell asleep I couldn't resist taking a picture or two!

DIY Sharpie Colored Bag

I love how this silk bag turned out. You see a lot of tie-dye projects on Pinterest using sharpie, but I prefer silk to the cotton projects you more often encounter. Silk is much more agreeable to being dyed and then manipulated for the tie-dye effect.

To do this project, simply color the bag any color(s) you prefer, in a pattern, leaving some white areas for the colors to run together, and then finally use rubbing alcohol to disperse the color. A paintbrush works great, and I bought a special higher diluted rubbing alcohol so look for one that is the most concentrated. Throw it in the dryer to heat set once you are done!