Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get sick, go to the doctor, get medicine, get better, repeat . . .

So it's been awhile since I have written a long post on here, and it is mostly because I am plum wore out! Some of it is my fault because I really need to eat better and maintain a healthier lifestyle. I am sure I would feel much more energetic especially since I struggle with the illness Hypoglycemia, a blood sugar problem if I could stick to a better diet.

Something else that is kind of my fault (and kind of not!) is the fact that my three year old son still will not sleep through the night. It has seriously been like having a newborn for the past three and a half years. What should have been a matter of months of sleep training and feedings, has turned into the longest span of sleep deprivation I have ever experienced. And that is saying a lot for a person who relishes a good nap and used to be able to sleep the night through as solid as a rock without waking.

Sleep has always been a bone of contention with my son. It's not that he does not enjoy sleep, but he relishes a good cuddle and who can blame him. There was a time where I thought we were finally getting somewhere with independent sleeping, but then one night he fell out of bed, broke his collar bone, and all that went down the pot. The past few nights though I have stood stalwart and steadfast. I am still not getting anywhere, but I must say I am amazed at the tenacity and persistence of the little guy! It is something that will serve him well later in life.

But the icing on the cake is the parade of illnesses that has been doing a swan lake dance of disaster on our house. Not to mention dealing with Adam's persistent health problems I have referenced in a previous post, and of which we are still searching for understanding. First we had the stomach flu, and then a week long cold. Each illness traveled from each member of our household slowly and cruelly until it had done a tap dance of death on all of our inside organs. Just when I think we are all starting to get healthy, the bane of sickness circles the block and visits our home once again.

And speaking of Adam, we are still not close to an answer as to what could be causing him so much discomfort. Currently, we have visited our family doctor several times, an ear nose throat specialist twice, a natural healer on multiple occasions, and are now scheduled to visit a gastro specialist sometime in the next couple weeks. During the gastro investigation we hope to confirm whether or not acid reflux is causing Adam's throat issues (we have our doubts), and find out what our next step will be concerning treatment. So far, severe acid reflux seems to be the consensus among the doctors we have visited as to the root of Adam's health problems, but at this point it would just be nice to know what is going on.

Break time!

Here are a few pics of the kids taking a break from playing out in this beautiful weather we are having in Indiana. They are simple pictures, but I like to play around with effects and thought these turned out nice.

Romancing the swing

Here are a few pictures of my daughter enjoying an afternoon swing. What a sweetie!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rainy day

Here is what we are up to today: playing with our kitties Ree Ree and Trill.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Laundry day

And you thought your pile of clothes was bad! It is a never ending job. I am pretty sure after I folded these, another pile the same size magically appeared in my laundry room perpetuating the eternal cycle of laundry!

A fleeting bit of snow

It did not last long but it was pretty while it lasted!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet siblings

Lincoln is such a good big brother. When his sissy wants to hold his hand, he let's her! Now, they have their moments, but thank God for these precious snapshots of innocence.

A day at the park

Lincoln and Trinity playing with their cousin Landon and their Aunt Coco, my sister.