Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Popping daylillies

Some have bloomed and some are close! I cannot wait to see my pretty flowers come alive.

Pretty days help a stressed out heart

What a gorgeous day it is outside today. Low humidity, mild 70's, and plenty of sun against a canvas of blue - it is the weather any Indiana Hoosier looks forward to before the heat waves of summer.

So today started out fine, but as I drank my hot tea and looked out the kitchen window enjoying the morning orchestra of birds and breeze things started to spiral downward. Our new computers refused to cooperate, the internet quit working, and our business operations were put on hold which is a pretty big deal to say the least.

But after a day of being on the phone, I think I finally got things mostly figured out. One thing that came from a negative situation as a positive was I found out high speed Internet is finally in our area (fingers crossed)! Now we have been told this before only to discover we really were too far out for high speed. But this time it seems legitimate. Fiber optics have finally made their way to our area! Woo-hoo!

Another thing I should touch on (change in subject) - I have not posted recently about my husband, Adam's, health. I believe my last article back in March detailed our trip to the emergency room and maybe a few details since, but as of now we still have no answers as to what is causing his health problems. We have been to an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist, a Gastro specialist, and now a Pulmonary doctor.

To date, Adam has underwent a barium swallow X-ray, a modified barium swallow X-ray, a chest X-ray, blood work, thyroid biopsy, throat biopsy, stomach biopsy, throat scope, and more. We have scheduled a CT scan of his lungs and a breathing test to see if we can figure out why he is having so much chest pressure and problems breathing.

If my husband could get healthy again life would be so much smoother. He just has not been himself lately, and I have been worried for him. Hopefully we will get answers soon (my daily mantra).

Looking to the upcoming summer, we want to make the most of it. We plan to put up a pool for our family, are celebrating the two year birthday of our daughter Trinity, and are vacationing in South Carolina with extended family in July. So lots of fun awaits us. I just have to get through the rest of today first. : )

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Flower Craft

I found the tiniest little flower pot during a trip to little Nashville, IN and have been wondering what to do with it. I also found a small garland that fits the pot perfect. I think it was originally a napkin ring, and I bought it the Village Candlemaker during the same trip. Anyways, one of my mini-irises broke off and I decided to "plant" it in the small pot. I think it turned out great!

Mother's Day

I hope all you mommas out there are having an awesome day today.

Last night I attended a Mother's Day banquet with my mom-in-law (who treated us and bought the tickets which was great!) and two of my sis-in-laws. I then came home to a clean house, the dishes washed, the kids fed and bathed, and an overall PEACEFUL house lol. It was the best gift my husband could have given me!

We also visited my own momma today and exchanged gifts with her. I love these purple tulips she gave me! I cannot wait to get them in the ground.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Next time you camp . . .

You have got to try this stuff. It is not only the best pancake mix I have ever tried, but it is the most convenient for trips! It's organic, made with cinnamon and brown sugar, and dispenses like a dream out the spout. Try it with 100% pure maple syrup and fry them up in butter in mini-pancake portions.

Ninja Girl

My husband Adam had a softball game a few nights ago and our daughter Trinity just HAD to wear this bandana to the park. It's an authentic piece from Japan, and she loves it! When we passed a couple Asian families they all smiled at us and seemed to know exactly what it was. Admittedly, I still do not know what it is used for, but it is super cute on my sweetheart.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Camping at Spring Mill State Park

Here are a few pictures of our camping trip to Spring Mill this past weekend. Despite several child meltdowns and a leaky tent during a severe downpour, we really had a great time!