Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


We celebrated my granny Edna Basham's 100th birthday a couple weeks ago! I hope those genes have been passed on to me and I could be fortunate enough to live that long! Here's a picture of my kids swinging at the party with their cousin Elyse--aren't they adorable!? That day was chilly but nice enough for the kids to play outside. While they ran around, my little one (on the far right), Zaidey, fell on the concrete driveway and got a huge goose egg on her knee (you can actually see it in this picture!). She was pretty  much over everything else after that and refused to do anything (except swing) until we went home. Even when we got home, though, she refused to walk for like three days. I had to carry that kid everywhere. A week later she is still pointing at her knee crying "boo-boo!" and demands band-aids daily. I think she was a little traumatized! Even though she is two, she really has not gotten any major ouchies during her lifetime, so I think this was a HUGE awakening for her. Sorry baby girl!