Friday, September 5, 2014

Not only is summer almost over . . .

But Lincoln has finished his first month of kindergarten! Where has the time gone?

There were so many stories from the summer that I wanted to blog about, but time ribbons thru my hands. Let's see if I can recap a few things that happened: I got peed on by our billy goat while I trimmed our whether's hooves, our poor kitty Trill disappeared, after filling up our pool constantly we found three holes in the liner, we have mowed our grass like three times all summer, and Zaidey won the baby contest at the fair. I am sure there are a million things I have forgotten.

Zaidey has started to babble at seven months old! She started pulling up on things around six months old, and I swear she has been army crawling since four months. She loves when her daddy chases the dog with her and pretends she is riding the dog like a horse. She looks up to her brother and sister already, and she is at this point a confirmed momma's girl.

Trinity started pre-school this year. She is one of the older kids in her class because I held her back (whole day kindergarten scares me for a young five year old! I would rather she be a bit older. . . ), and by chance she is in the same class as two distant cousins of hers! She goes two days a week, three hours a day just like Lincoln did. I love that she is learning both Bible stories and school basics. She also just started gymnastics again after a break over the summer, and we are trying a different facility which so far has been great! She loves it so much I think we are going to stick with it for awhile.

Lincoln has really taken to kindergarten. I am so proud of him. Adam has been taking him to school every morning (which Link loves!), and it started because I was not looking forward to dropping off my baby boy so Adam volunteered to do it for me. What a help that was! I don't think I could have let Lincoln walk in by himself, but Adam did. And it was for the best because I think it really helped his confidence. I have been volunteering in his classroom once a week and I eat lunch with him too. The day really is not that long, but it is so nice to share a little time with him during school.

Looking forward, I recently started taking phone calls for the business, so I now have control of Adam's schedule! ::wink:: I plan for Adam to take a week vacation the first week of October, which is part of Lincoln's fall break. Hoping he can work some on our house, but we will see how it goes.